Home Inspection

Home Improvement, Repairs, and Additions

One of the best features that come along with owning a home is the ability to increase the overall usefulness and value. If you see your home as an investment, you have the opportunity to sell at a higher price than what it was paid for. However, like the average homeowner, if you see your home as a comfort zone that you would like to enjoy for many years, or even a lifetime, adding extra features or repairs can at times be costly yet beneficial. Owning a home allows you both the assets and financial equity to access home improvement loans to finance them. Aver Home Mortgage provides access to the loans essential to completing these tasks. Whether you would like to apply for a (HELOC)home equity line-of-credit, second mortgage, or home equity loan, we provide a fast and simple application to put you in touch with up to three lenders to bid on your financial request. As long as you have an established amount of equity and a few other items that meet the set requirements you should have the lump amount of cash you need for home improvement and home repair.

Replace Your Existing High-Interest Rate With A Lower One

Refinancing your existing home mortgage can offer great rewards. The first and foremost is to receive a lower interest rate than what you are paying at present. Second, when you refinance your home you have the chance to option out extra cash to pay for home improvements or other large expenses. If you are seeking to refinance your home mortgage, fill out our simple application to receive quotes from three different lenders.

Debt Consolidation and Major Expenses?

Having to pay off and manage multiple bills or major expenses is no easy task. Many of these expenses can include high-interest rates and large monthly minimum payments. By refinancing or filing for a second mortgage, homeowners are allowed to acquire lump amounts of cash to help consolidate these debts or pay them off altogether.